New Portable and Foldable Pediatric Stander from Zing

New Portable and Foldable Pediatric Stander from Zing

Morton, Minn – Altimate Medical, the manufacturer of EasyStand and Zing brands, is excited to announce the introduction of a new portable, foldable, and right-sized 0-3 stander, the Zing Portable. Featuring three tripod-style legs that quickly and easily fold and a fully-configured weight of approximately 20 pounds, this new stander is the first truly travel-worthy product on the market.

The Zing Portable was designed for children in the 0-3 year age range and has a height range up to 36 inches and a weight capacity of 36 pounds. The stander’s footprint and overall size are proportional to the size of the end user. Thus, ensuring the unit does not look or feel outsized no matter how small of a child is in the stander.

Imagine taking a stander up or down stairs, to the garage, or on a trip without breaking your back. The carrying handle on the Zing Portable was designed to balance the weight of the unit when folded and it does such a good job it hardly feels like lifting the already light 20 pounds. The tripod-style legs fold up and the upper-body components are removeable so finding room for travel or storage is easy.

Zing Portable is a multi-position stander that has both a supine-to-vertical and prone-to-vertical configurations. Like other Zing products, it also features independent leg abduction (up to 15 degrees or 30 degrees bi-laterally). Other familiar Zing features include a swing-away tray, tool-free adjustment, and a comfortable transfer height.

This new portable stander creates new therapeutic opportunities for clinicians and enables standing that better fits into families’ spaces and routines. Children can stand more often and in new places with unparalleled functionality and ease of use. The Zing Portable sets a new standard of care for 0-3 standing. Learn more at zingstanders.com/portable

About Zing

The Zing brand represents a full line of single and multi-position standers. The Zing MPS is the only true multi-position stander on the market with its unique pivot point that allows supine to prone positioning all in one motion. The ability to quickly change position from prone to supine or vise versa creates a
therapeutic opportunity not found in any other standing device. This, coupled with leg abduction available across the entire Zing product line and an unrivaled number of support and positioning options, make Zing a leader in virtually all product categories. Learn more at zingstanders.com

About Altimate Medical

Altimate Medical Holdings, Inc. (AMHI), designs and manufactures differentiated medical equipment that optimizes treatment outcomes and maximizes the health and wellbeing of the end users. Since its founding in 1987, Altimate Medical and its EasyStand brand has led the standing industry with unsurpassed technology. Altimate Medical Holdings has since expanded its product portfolio and made several acquisitions of well-known and respected brands within the complex rehab technology market (Zing, 2015; ActiveAid, 2018) and the healthcare capital equipment market (MPI, 2015). The AMHI family of brands include: ActiveAid, EasyStand, Justify It, Medical Positioning, Zing, VizaVue®, EchoBed®, UltraScan Versa™, and UltraDBI™.  Learn more by visiting altimatemedical.com.