Congress Passes Relief from Medicare Cuts

Congress Passes Relief from Medicare Cuts

Recently we had an advocacy campaign on our website prompting you to write to your legislators regarding Medicare Cuts for CRT. Thanks to you, congress has passed a relief bill that will continue to provide life changing products to those who need them!

CRT Advocates and Stakeholders,

Thanks to the work of many organizations across the country we have some very good news to report. Congress has passed legislation that will defer/minimize scheduled 2022 Medicare cuts that would have negatively impacted the healthcare community. The bill has been sent to the President for signing.

As reported earlier this week, there were two Medicare payment cuts scheduled for implementation in 2022. A 4% PAYGO reduction (tied to increased spending for COVID-19) and a reinstatement of the 2% Medicare sequestration reduction (tied to a budget bill passed in 2011). Such cuts would have severely impacted CRT providers’ ability to supply the specialized technology and supporting services that people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions depend on.

Once the President signs the bill, the 4% PAYGO reduction will be deferred to at least 2023. The 2% Medicare sequestration reduction will be gradually instituted in 2022; 1% as of April 1 and the full 2% as of July 1. While this did not provide complete relief, it minimizes the negative impacts.

Thanks to everyone for taking action to protect access to CRT and thanks to all the other organizations who weighed in. Thanks also to Congress for making this happen. 

Regards, Don Clayback