Altimate Medical manufactures high-quality, thoughtfully-designed medical technology. We aim to improve quality of life for end-users and clinicians who rely on our products every day.

EasyStand standing devices pioneered the sit-to-stand market. Sit-to-stand provides a natural, comfortable and safe transition from sitting to standing but also provides a unique opportunity to stop in a partial standing position whether that’s needed to acclimate to a position change or due to tightness or contractures in one or more joints. Often manual range of motion (ROM) can be difficult so the combination of weight-bearing and passive stretching can help maintain or improve ROM over time with regular standing. EasyStand features pediatric and adult standers including:  

Bantam – the only sit-to-stand standers with the option of additional supine positioning for infinite positioning possibilities between sitting, standing full supine lying or anywhere in between. 

Evolv – sit to stand stander with over 70 support and positioning components, making it the most versatile and modular standing system available. 

Glider – featuring exclusive “active standing technology” which allows the user to facilitate motion in the lower extremities, similar to cross-country skiing, using their arms – with or without assistance from a caregiver.  

StrapStand – a strap-style stander that provides a transfer-free standing experience. Unique lifting arm design raises the user vertically first, then pulls them up to a standing position, rather than pulling a user into a knee pad and forcing a standing transition. The StrapStand greatly reduces pressure on the patella.  

Zing represents a full line of single and multi-position pediatric standers. The unique multi-position standers or MPS pivot two directions which provides an unmatched therapeutic opportunity to go from supine, vertical and prone in one motion – no transfers, flipping pads or adjustments to the stander other than the tray angle if desired. All Zing models are available with an abduction mast, which allows for standing in abduction with independent adjustment up to 30 degrees per leg or 60 degrees bilaterally. 

ActiveAid manufactures high quality, stainless steel bath, shower and commode products.  Products offered are numerous and cover a vast array of user needs including location (toilet, bath, shower or stand-alone seating) positioning (height adjustable, seat slope, tilt-in-space, tilt and recline, and folding), and numerous support components. ActiveAid has pediatric, adult and bariatric lines – from simple raised toilet and modular seating systems to tilt-in-space, tilt and recline shower/commode chairs. 

The Justify It tool generates a comprehensive letter of medical necessity (LMN) for Altimate Medical products. It simplifies the process and reduces the amount of time spent writing an LMN for those who have had trouble with approvals in the past or write few LMNs in general. Justify It helps a clinician quickly configure a product, prompting the user to add medical justification for each necessary support and positioning component – then provides a step-by-step guide through the entire letter-writing process.