New Zing Pediatric Stander Goes Supine to Prone In One Motion

New Zing Pediatric Stander Goes Supine to Prone In One Motion

The new Zing Multi-Position Stander (MPS) is the only pediatric stander that allows a child to seamlessly go from the supine to the prone position without having to change, turn or flip pads, trays or footplates. In one fluid motion, the child can be positioned between supine, upright, and prone.

But the Zing’s advantages aren’t limited to its groundbreaking frame design, it’s the options that further set it apart from all other pediatric standers. Independent leg abduction up to 30 degrees is possible and features an anatomically correct leg support tube which allows the entire leg to abduct with a single knob and requires no additional knee or foot support adjustments. The multi-adjustable tray is angle adjustable and swings-away while remaining attached to the frame. Leg length discrepancies and hip and knee contractures are accommodated with multi-adjustable footplates, independently adjustable calf pads and multi-adjustable knee pads.

The modular design of the Zing line helps ensure the correct stander is ordered for each child. Tool-free adjustments make standing in the Zing easier, which often leads to increased standing program compliance. The Zing MPS size 1 has a terrific user range, fitting most children from infancy to 44” and up to 70 lbs.

About Zing

The Zing brand represents a full line of single and multi-position standers. The Zing MPS is the only true multi-position stander on the market with its unique pivot point that allows supine to prone positioning all in one motion. The ability to quickly change position from prone to supine or vise versa creates a therapeutic opportunity not found in any other standing device. This, coupled with leg abduction available across the entire Zing product line and an unrivaled number of support and positioning options, make Zing a leader in virtually all product categories. Zing products are produced in our Morton, MN facility and are distributed globally. View options and pricing, product pictures and video, and to see the full line of single and multi-position standing devices at zingstanders.com

About Altimate Medical

Altimate Medical is comprised of a family of brands in the complex rehab technology and healthcare capital expense markets. Altimate Medical is a market leader in standing and related technologies and has global recognition from its EasyStand and Zing brands. ActiveAid has designed, manufactured, and marketed high-quality shower and commode seating systems for more than 50 years. Medical Positioning Inc. (MPI) was founded in 1988 and its product portfolio includes ergonomic and bariatric diagnostic imaging platforms designed to offer optimum positioning and improved imaging results across cardiology, vascular, radiology, breast biopsy, surgery, pain management and speech pathology. More information about Altimate Medical’s portfolio can be found at https://altimatemedical.com/about.